Fosters tea, coffee and sugar jars replacement rubber seals


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Revitalise your favourite Fosters jars with these brand new high quality food grade rubber seals.

New seals will give back that snug, tight fit to your lid and will help keep the contents fresh and dry. These seals are easy to fit and really make the difference to your highly collectable Fosters jars. These custom made seals will fit the tea, coffee and sugar jars.

Fosters Pottery was set up by the Foster Brothers in the late fifties, early sixties. Originally based in Redruth it employed approximately fifty people in its heyday. The pottery was renowned for its distinctive brown honeycomb glaze. The honeycomb glaze was used in a variety of colours, on many pieces of vintage pottery, from coffee sets and pots to collectable seal ornaments and fish gurgle or glug glug jugs. In the mid-nineties, it moved to Pool, near Redruth where it ran under different management.

Fosters pottery is becoming increasingly collectable, but can still be picked up relatively cheaply in second hand shops, and is considered by many to be a good investment.

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